Frequently Asked Questions:


How to setup CNC machine using PlanetCNC software and controller?
Wie benutze ich PlanetCNC Software und Controller um die CNC Maschine einzustellen?
How to set correct "Steps Per Unit" (SPU) value?
How to machine your first workpiece?
How to use moveable sensor?
How to use tool change?
How to use tool change with ATC?
How to use "Warp" feature?
How to mill and drill PCBs from Gerber and NC Drill files?
How to mill and drill double sided PCB using transformations and warp?


How to select stepper motor and driver?
How to connect motor driver with optoisolated inputs?
How to connect Probotix motor driver with 10 pin cable?
How to connect and setup Output board?
How to connect proximity switch as limit switch?
How to connect and setup MPG pendant?
How to connect and setup torch height control (THC) for plasma cutters?
How to connect external EStop or Pause switch on Mk1?
How to use motor enable/disable signal with EStop on Mk1?


How to activate, import, request and export license?
How to use different settings for different machine configurations on same computer?
How to set network connection on Mk3 controller?
How to import DXF files?
How to set camera offset?
How to use MDI?
How to cut tapered cone with 4 axis foam cutter?

Firmware update:

How can I update firmware?
How can I program DIY controller and update firmware?

Other software:

Is controller compatible with Mach3?
Controller does NOT need Mach3. This is a stand alone solution and works without Mach3.

How can I setup Profili2 4-Axis G-Code generator?
How can I configure Mastercam?
How can I use Mastercam?

Some FAQ are old and might not address current version of controller, software and/or accessories.