Latest stable version:
- PlanetCNC USB software 2.10.1412.1501

Latest BETA version:
- BETA version 2.10.1505.1401
   BETA version should work without problems.
   Some features might not be implemented. Some features are experimental and might be removed in next version.
   Thorough testing was not performed!
   Please report any bugs you find in BETA version.

Manuals and sample g-code:
- Software user manual
- Mk3 user manual
- Mk3/4 user manual
- Mk2 user manual
- Mk2/4 user manual
- Mk1 user manual
- Samples
- PlanetCNC USB Driver
- Contour Shuttle PRO v2 Settings

Software requirements:
- Microsoft .NET 3.5 SP1 Framework

Software developers kit:
   New API for Mk2 and Mk2/4 is available. Documentation is still not ready but you can get more information here.

Version history

  • 20141215 - Mk3/4 support, bugfixes
  • 20140923 - Path blend feature, new Mk3 features, bugfixes
  • 20140612 - Support for Mk3 controller, lots of other improvements and bugfixes
  • 20130731 - New settings dialog, support for 3D printer specific G-codes, 3D printer G28 and G92, 3D printer "E", support lathe spindle synchronization, support for THC for plasma cutters, camera offset with two points, "Go To/Camera XY", "Set Position/Camera XY", "Offset/Camera XY" commands, "Import text" with support for other charactes sets, better memory usage, API for Mk2 and Mk2/4, jogging speed is remembered, context menu for G-code display, "Stop" option for tool change, G-Code for tool sensor (G10 L7 Rn), G-Code for homing (G10 L8 ...)
  • 20130308 - Small improvements and bugfixes
  • 20121126 - Lathe support, spindle synchronization, lots of small improvements
  • 20120806 - Improved DRO support, single line font added in samples, fixed some bugs
  • 20120715 - OpenGL, 64bit "native", USB error detection, faster g-code loading, improved deceleration, new “Transform” feature, display enhancements, new "Speed Calculation" algorithms, digitizing probe support, new "Import Image 2D" feature, ...
  • 20120402 - Fixed start menu shortcut, fixes limit switch axis locking.
  • 20120320 - Assignable keyboard shortcuts, PLT/HPGL drill supported, new PLT/HPGL import options, save to STL file, spindle RPM sensor, improved soft limits, extended sensor settings, measure offset XY, 9 stored positions, ...
  • 20120210 - Improved lookahead algorithm, optimized optimizer :-), added safe height during tool change return, improved MDI shortcuts, MDI shortcut history, new Go To Selected Line command, improved bookmarks, fixed measure grid Z and tool offset bug, fixed jogging bug
  • 20120131 - SD Card support, Contour ShuttlePROv2 support, tuned step timings on Mk2 and Mk2/4, option to disable 'Set Position' commands, added new 'Pause' options during manual tool change
  • 20120121 - "Slave axis" feature for Mk2, "Start From Selected Line" feature, "Set Grid Dimenssion" dialog for easier "Warp" setup, fixed Mk1 bug, some minor bugfixes,...
  • 20120108 - "Warp" feature, improved lookahead algorithm,...
  • 20111216 - Fixed bugs and added features
  • 20110830 - Added import for Gerber RS-274X files which generates isolation G-code, fixed PLT/HPGL bug in ARC routine, added support for multiple passes in DXF import
  • 20110814 - Fixed some bugs, added gauges, MDI shortcuts, G92 offset menu, transformations, camera sensor, new limit switch options, notes, M98/M99 subprograms, RC servo/ESC as spindle, position via UART, support for scripting,...
  • 20110519 - Added support for ellipses in dxf, fixed bug in ATC
  • 20110514 - Added support for MPG pendant in Mk2, fixed axis zeroing bug
  • 20110508 - Support for CNC USB Controller Mk2, improved tool-change algorithm, support for splines in dxf, support for NC Drill files, loops, new visualization markers, lots of other improvments, optimizations, fixes,...
  • 20110204 - Improved memory utilization, speed algorithm, optimization, tool sensor, backlash, limit and jog switch invert setting, ...
  • 20101201 - Improved 3D graphics, tool diameter shown on display, customizable outputs, spindle direction, 0-10V for VFD for spindle speed with "add-on" board, ...
  • 20101107 - Speed optimizations, new output settings (invert output, enable signal,...), "sticky" E-stop, large toolbar option for touch screen panels, ...
  • 20101022 - New toolbar buttons, large floating jog window, skins, new dxf import options (tabs, spindle,...), ...
  • 20101004 - Keys customization, fixed bug
  • 20101003 - Spindle delay options, more DXF import options, IO display, keys customization (not completed), axis calibration
  • 20100918 - Fixed bug in homing prodedure, fixed bug in jogging
  • 20100910 - Jogging deceleration, pause deceleration, fixed bug in canned cycle retract,...
  • 20100830 - Limit keys debouncing, limit key setting works, improved import speed, import/export settings option, Spanish localization, EStop turns outputs off, new sample files ...
  • 20100823 - Fixed bug in DXF import, "Speed override" is aware of "Maximum speed" setting
  • 20100822 - New jogging features (Ctrl+Arrows jogging, Ctrl+Shift+Arrows step jogging), "Editable" feed override, I2C support, improved DXF import
  • 20100814 - "Step mode" jogging, "Editable" coordinates, customizable colors, ...
  • 20100803 - New DXF import parameters (useful for plasma and laser cutters), improved DXF sort algorithm, "multi speed" software jog buttons, G-code editing in external text editor
  • 20100730 - Jog keys debouncing implemented
  • 20100728 - Edit DXF feature which allows you to change order and direction of moves (menu Program/Edit DXF...) - watch tutorial video
  • 20100725 - Turkish localization, some minor improvments
  • 20100708 - Hardware DirectX support, new keyboard shortcuts, display zoom and rotation is remembered
  • 20100626 - Portugese/Brazil localization, some minor improvments
  • 20100613 - Material can be displayed as solid object, PLT import improvments
  • 20100602 - Some more bugs are fixed, support for very low speed jogging, image import redesigned
  • 20100531 - Jog keys features, Swedish localization
  • 20100529 - Fixed some bugs, changed graphics, new version detection
  • 20100520 - Fixed some bugs, PLT/HPGL importer, Dutch localization
  • 20100514 - Toolpath optimization improved, reverse axis direction setting, invert controller pulse setting, shift extents to zero, shift extents to position, quick axis zeroing, lookahead acceleration/deceleration marker displayed, memory & load speed optimizations, controller based licence and many more things
  • 20100505 - Improved acceleration/deceleration, pause at toolchange, tool length detection, custom controller output/axis name mapping, rotational axis visualization, extents visualization, DXF import optimized
  • 20100322 - More G-code postprocessors supported, improved DXF import
  • 20100319 - Fixed some issues with interpolation
  • 20100316 - Fixed some issues with speed override
  • 20100310 - Fixed helix interpolation bug in firmware
  • 20100307 - Improved performance, German localization, jog with mouse, PC keyboard, joystick and joypad, home calibration procedure, limit switches, new firmware version,...
  • 20100125 - Italian and French localization
  • 20100115 - Fixed bug with M05, fixed bug with lookahead optimization
  • 20100114 - Optimized GCode interpteter, absolute/working coordinates, coordinate system origins, tool change procedure and many other things
  • 20091128 - Fixes some issues with inch units, bookmark features, new options in setting dialog, material definitions, tool definitions, estimated time to machine calculation, absolute and workpiece coordinates, better simulation with autorun, mist, flood and spindle control from menu, improved g-code optimization with lookahead features, new firmware version
  • 20091122b - New firmware version, firmware upgrades are now possible from main program
  • 20091122 - Fixed bug in licence activator, improved performance
  • 20091118 - Major performance updates, new firmware version
  • 20091105 - E-stop button was disabled by mistake
  • 20091104b - Small DirectX bug fixed
  • 20091104 - Support for other languages, improved DXF support, text import and a lot of other small things
  • 20091009 - Updated bootloader
  • 20090928 - New version with DirectX support released
  • 20090819 - Fixed bug in cutter radius compensation
  • 20090815 - Backlash compensation implemented
  • 20090808b- Fixed bug in canned cycles (G81-G89) - commands were called in wrong sequence
  • 20090808 - G28, G28.1, G30, G30.1, G92, G92.1, G92.2, G92.3 commands implemented, DXF import optimized
  • 20090804 - G04 (dwell) implemented
  • 20090731 - Bootloader for firmware implemented and lots of other things...
  • There is no recorded history before this date