Latest stable version:
- PlanetCNC USB software 2.10.1511.401

Latest BETA version:
- BETA version 2.10.1512.2201
   BETA version should work without problems.
   Some features might not be implemented. Some features are experimental and might be removed in next version.
   Thorough testing was not performed!
   Please report any bugs you find in BETA version.

Manuals and sample g-code:
- Software user manual
- Mk3 user manual
- Mk3/4 user manual
- Mk2 user manual
- Mk2/4 user manual
- Mk1 user manual
- Samples
- PlanetCNC USB Driver
- Contour Shuttle PRO v2 Settings

Software requirements:
- Microsoft .NET 3.5 SP1 Framework

Software developers kit:
   API for Mk3 and Mk3/4 is available. Documentation is still not ready but you can get more information here.